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CHLA Partners

Mortgage Capital Trading (MCT)

MCT offers a variety of services to help you smoothly make the transition from best efforts to mandatory loan sales. Our services and unique business model are designed to provide clients with a great deal of education, handholding and support. MCT also offers LockCentral®, a fully staffed lock desk service that can serve as a completely out-sourced or merely supplemental support for this key function.



Westcor Land Title Insurance Company is a leading national title insurance underwriter that has emerged as a source of local and national market expertise by utilizing rigorous and multi-layered qualification processes. Westcor recruits and maintains a highly qualified nationwide title and closing agent network. Westcor’s team of high caliber title professionals has earned a reputation as industry leaders in providing value-added solutions to agents, lenders, and servicers.

Bankers Insurance Service 


Bankers Insurance Service Mortgage Bankers Bond  (Fidelity Bond and E&O), Professional Liability (E&O), Directors’ & Officers’ (D&O), Mortgage Impairment (available to a wide variety of financial institutions), Surety Bond, and Cyber Liability (mortgage banks and community banks).


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