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Mortgage Note: Opinion: Time For A Consumer Mortgage Bill Of Rights

While the mortgage lending industry offers extensive consumer protections, CHLA recognizes that there are still a number of loopholes that create gaps in such protections. Thus, CHLA created the “Consumer Mortgage Bill of Rights” — a document addressing these gaps and providing solutions that will fill them.

Scotsman Guide: Homeownership Should Be a National Priority

In a new Scotsman Guide piece, CHLA Executive Director Scott Olson implored legislators to make access to affordable homeownership a top priority on their 2024 agendas. “Older Americans are flush with equity in their homes due to the price boom over the past 15 years. But younger Americans are increasingly locked out of homeownership and the resulting wealth it creates, consigning them to ever-increasing rent

Housingwire: Ginnie Mae Cash Window Would Help Lenders, Borrowers

In a new HousingWire op-ed piece, Scott Olson argues that while Ginnie Mae has proven to be extremely successful, it could become even more effective by opening a cash window for loans, similar to that of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This would help smaller lenders become Ginnie Mae approved issuers while increasing loan execution choices for existing issuers.