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National Mortgage News Op-ED: “Don’t Eliminate Ability to Repay – Reform It

CHLA Board Member Bill Giambrone (President and CEO of Platinum Home Mortgage) highlights the joint proposal by CHLA, the National Association of Realtors, consumer groups, PMIs, and other small lender groups to provide more flexibility for QM through a higher DTI with compensating factors and updating Appendix Q – explaining why it is a better approach than the large bank approach of eliminating DTI.

Housing Wire Magazine Article: Life of Loan Premium Policy Hurts Borrowers and FHA

CHLA Board Member Bill Giambrone (President and CEO of Platinum Home Mortgage) explains how FHA’s Life of Loan premium policy (1) significantly overcharges FHA borrowers, (2) hurts FHA finances through loss of revenues through refinancing of FHA loans to the conventional market, and (3) hurts Ginnie Mae, by contributing to its recent acceleration in prepayment speeds.

Scotsman Guide August Magazine: Scrutiny is Overdue on Mortgage Licensing – All LOs Should Pass the SAFE Act Test

CHLA Board Member David Wind (DAW Partners) makes a compelling case for why the CFPB should require every registered mortgage loan originator (LO) to pass the basic SAFE Act test measuring basic mortgage competency – arguing that exempting bank LOs fails to fully protect consumers and fails to fulfill the Dodd-Frank requirement that all LOs must be “qualified.”