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Press Releases

Press Releases

CHLA Asks Congress to Approve Higher Pay Scale for FHA Staff and to Fund Needed FHA IT Upgrades

CHLA sends a letter to Congressional appropriations leaders asking for (1) higher pay scales for FHA staff, commensurate with other financial regulators and (2) re-authorization of lapsed authorization from the 2008 HERA legislation which allows FHA to use FHA profits to fund needed IT technology updates. Both changes are critical to keeping FHA modern and responsive to borrower and lenders needs.

CHLA Calls on RHS to Eliminate "Anachronistic" Interest Rate Cap

CHLA Calls on RHS to Eliminate  “Anachronistic” Interest Rate Cap     Contact: Scott Olson                                                         For Immediate Release 571-527-2601                                         

Press Release – CHLA Member IMBs Write IRS 10/01/2018

  IMBs Should Be Fully Eligible for  Small Business Passthrough Tax Deduction Disallowing Deduction for IMBs based on Technicality is “Absurd”  and “inconsistent with statutory language and Congressional intent”   Contact: Scott Olson                                                For Immediate Release            571-527-2601   

CHLA Welcomes Administration call to end GSEs' Conservatorship – 6/21/18

…But Renews concerns about Additional Guarantors & Small Lender Protections Response to Release of “Delivering Government  Solutions in the 21st Century” Contact: Scott Olson                                                    For Immediate Release 571-527-2601                           

Members of the Community Home Lenders Association met with Mark Calabria, Chief Economist for Vice President Pence

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