Advocacy and Policy Initiatives


CHLA Asks Federal Mortgage Officials to Facilitate Refis to Borrowers with Forbearance that Regain their Jobs

CHLA today sent a letter to top federal mortgage officials, asking them to be flexible in allowing refinancing loans to borrowers that regain their jobs after going into forbearance – without imposing higher fees – as an alternative to a partial claim to deal with the missed payments. The model is the post-2008 GSE HARP program, except the exemption would be for recently missed payments

CHLA Urges Fannie and Freddie to Purchase Loans with Post-closing forbearance – to stabilize Correspondent Lending

CHLA sent a letter to FHFA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac asking the GSEs to purchase properly underwritten loans (and not demand repurchase on loans) that go into forbearance after a loan closing. The purpose is to stabilize aggregator pricing and purchasing of conventional loans, and to address the growing financial risks of correspondent lenders being stuck with unsaleable loans because of such forbearance.