Advocacy and Policy Initiatives


CHLA Releases its Latest “GSE Reform Plan”

CHLA today released its updated GSE reform plan, following the administrative approach to GSE reform CHLA has been advocating for 5 years. Citing the substantial reforms accomplished to date, CHLA called on FHFA and Treasury to finish the task by ending the GSE Profit Sweep, finalizing a capital rule, and carrying out a Capital Restoration Plan, that results in an end to the GSEs’ conservatorship.

CHLA Releases Recommendations for FHA Policies

CHLA released its set of FHA policy proposals – which include ending the overcharging of borrowers by ending FHA’s Life of Loan premium policy, reducing disproportionate penalties for missing servicer deadlines, finalizing pending condo flexibility proposals, modernizing FHA’s IT and underwriting standards, and reducing annual premiums as its Net Worth increases.

CHLA Asks Congress to Approve Higher Pay Scale for FHA Staff and to Fund Needed FHA IT Upgrades

CHLA sends a letter to Congressional appropriations leaders asking for (1) higher pay scales for FHA staff, commensurate with other financial regulators and (2) re-authorization of lapsed authorization from the 2008 HERA legislation which allows FHA to use FHA profits to fund needed IT technology updates. Both changes are critical to keeping FHA modern and responsive to borrower and lenders needs.

CHLA Asks Congress to Approve Higher Pay Scales for Ginnie Mae Staff

In identical letters (House letter attached) to House and Senate authorizers and appropriators, the Community Home Lenders Association (CHLA) today asked Congress to adopt legislation that would create higher pay scales for the Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA), commensurate with other federal financial regulators, such as the FDIC and the FHFA. CLICK HERE for letter to House leadership.