CHLA In The News

CHLA In The News

Chrisman Newsletter: CHLA proposal to make LO Comp rules more flexible is explained.

EXCERPT FROM ROB CHRISMAN NEWSLETTER The CHLA has weighed in with a letter to the CFPB, offering “a common sense approach to the issue of LO Compensation flexibility. Commonly an LO makes a loan offer, in conjunction with working with a potential borrower, sometimes for an extended period of time. Then, at the last minute the borrower solicits a competing offer at the last minute, at a lower rate. Unfortunately,

GSE Reform Returns to Capitol Hill – 12/21/18

December 21, 2018 As reported by Victor Whitman in today’s, the House Financial Services Committee, in its final hearing of 2018, met to listen to industry representatives regarding the Bipartisan Housing Finance Reform Act.  Lobbyists for larger housing and banking trade groups, as well as smaller independent mortgage banks (CHLA among them), were there to voice their views on particular provisions of this proposed

GSE capital rule is hypothetical, but FHFA gets earful anyway – 11/26/18

November 26, 2018 As reported by Hannah Lang in National Mortgage News, mortgage lenders and consumer groups are making their voices heard as FHFA develops a plan meant to help with the transition if Fannie and Freddie are released from government conservatorship.  CHLA comments. Click Here for full article.