Scotsman Guide June Magazine: Temper Ideals with Reality in Housing Reform – Preserve Key Federal Mortgage Programs

CHLA Board Member Michael Delehanty (Chief Financial Officer of Mountain West Financial) argues for the need for a sound understanding of the critical role that FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac play in our nation’s housing policy – cautioning that indiscriminate efforts to reduce their footprint to encourage “private capital” could fail at that objective, reducing mortgage loan availability in the process.

Chrisman Newsletter: CHLA proposal to make LO Comp rules more flexible is explained.

EXCERPT FROM ROB CHRISMAN NEWSLETTER The CHLA has weighed in with a letter to the CFPB, offering “a common sense approach to the issue of LO Compensation flexibility. Commonly an LO makes a loan offer, in conjunction with working with a potential borrower, sometimes for an extended period of time. Then, at the last minute the borrower solicits a competing offer at the last minute, at a lower rate. Unfortunately,

The Hill Op-Ed: Protect Small Lenders in GSE Reform

CHLA President Don Calcaterra, Jr. (President of Local Lending Group) highlights his testimony before a December House Financial Services Committee GSE Reform hearing outlining CHLA priorities to protect small lenders – including opposing allowing Wall Street Banks to gain a foothold in the primary market through new GSE charters and the importance of a cash window, G Fee parity, and equitable small lender access.