Rob Chrisman Newsletter – 1/22/14

Excerpt from today’s Rob Chrisman newsletter.
The Community Home Lenders Association (CHLA) recently marked its one year anniversary. CHLA is composed of small and mid-sized non-bank community based lenders with a strong knowledge and understanding of their local community and the borrowers they serve. Happy Birthday! CHLA’s main focus has been to fight for federal policies that treat community lenders fairly and equitably in areas such as FHA, the GSEs and regulatory requirements. For example, CHLA has been an active player in the GSE reform process, working to preserve a competitive cash window and lenders’ ability to continue to securitize loans. CHLA has also been active in efforts to establish high standards for all mortgage loans originators, thus leveling the playing field between banks and non-banks. CHLA holds two DC – based conferences annually. Last year they attracted key federal officials such as FHA Commissioner Carol Galante and GNMA President Ted Tozer and pursued a vigorous Capitol Hill advocacy program.  CHLA Executive Director Scott Olson announced that the next DC Conference is March 3-4.